General Terms

Identifying Data – Totalents as product of Totalísimo S.L. has its registered office at Granada, Plaza Fontiveros, 3, CIF B18616144, and is enlisted in the commercial register of Granada, vol. 1005, sheet 161, page Gr-20678.

Totalents as product of Totalísimo operates through its headquarters which centralise all operations of the various subsidiaries in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Canary Islands, etc.) and abroad (USA, UK, France, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Russia, U.A.E., etc.) which are also property of the web domain .

Object – Among other activities the major object of the company is the contracting, representation, booking, management and intermediation of artists and national and international celebrities as well as the organisation and production of events in general.

Complaint Forms – Complaint forms to facilitate the client in making a complaint are available to our customers in all our offices.

Intellectual Property – The complete or partial contents of our website may be protected by laws and regulations of intellectual property and / or may be covered by laws which protect the image rights. Hence copying, reproduction, distribution, sale, exploitation, or any other commercial use of its images, texts, design, etc. is strictly prohibited without previous written authorisation. Unauthorised use of the aforesaid material will result in civil action and / or penalties which proceed to restore the integral propriety and to obtain compensation for the damages which may have occurred.

Data Protection – Totalents as product of Totalísimo complies with data protection legislation, expressly assuring the diligent use of personal data and guaranteeing the confidentiality of data related to our customers and customer services. Totalísimo has adopted the necessary technical measures to maintain the required level of security according to the nature of the personal data in question and the circumstances in which it is handled, in order to avoid its alteration, loss and non-authorised access as far as it is possible according to the current state of the technique.

The utilisation of services offered on this website on the part of the user implies his consent with the use, processing and assignation of data to all the companies which are part of this provision of services. Totalísimo stores all personal data of its users in an automatic file whose processing it is solely responsible for. The aforesaid file is registered at the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.

The purpose of data processing comprises of management, control and maintenance of the provision of service. Totalísimo solely and exclusively obtains the personal data of its users which may be adequate, pertinent and may not be excessive in respect of their purpose. The user may exercise his right to access, rectification, cancellation and challenge by appealing to our registered office directly or via email to

Totalents as product of Totalísimo complies with the obligations of safety and custody, confidentiality and privacy of the data transmitted, and is liable to take security measures imposed by Spanish law of data protection and to take all necessary measures to avoid alteration, loss or unauthorised access of the data transmitted, at all times considering the current state of technique.

Limitations on Use – Users under the legal age of 18 years who do not have permission of their parents or legal guardians are not allowed to use the website. Totalísimo assumes from the moment a minor accesses the website he or she has permission of his / her parents or legal guardians who should know and accept our general terms and conditions valid at the moment a minor accesses the website.

Responsibility – Totalents as product of Totalísimo is not responsible, not even in an indirect or subsidiary way, for any content, information, opinion or comment of any type which has its origin by a user, third persons or entities who may have accessed, transferred, communicated, handled, exhibited or sold aforesaid information through the web.

Totalísimo does not assure the availability or permanent continuity of the portal due to interruptions, errors etc. Nor is it responsible for any damages to the users which may be caused by viruses or external agents that may have been put in place in the portal or in electronic documents and files stored in the IT system.

Good Faith – All contents of Totalísimo‘s website have been incorporated according to the principles of good faith, with authorised information taken completely or partially from external sources which is why Totalísimo is not responsible for any inaccurate or non-updated contents offered on the website.

Modification – Totalents as product of Totalísimo reserves the right or authorization to make any changes at any time without prior notice. The user respects and accepts that the data and information about offers, products or services, prices, characteristics and any other data and information displayed on the website is solely and exclusively of informative character, meant as an introduction for the user, and may contain errors, inaccuracies or may not be updated. Decisions by the user taken solely based on the data and information contained in the portal may have economic or other consequences for the user or third persons for all of which the user is exclusively liable.

User – It is understood that any natural or legal person requesting information, proposals or services from Totalísimo has to accept our valid general terms and conditions published on our website at the moment of accessing it. The user has to abstain from requesting information from the website in case he or she does not entirely agree with our present general terms and conditions. By using our website, email, fax or phone, the condition of being a user (“User”) is fulfilled, and the full acceptance and adherence to these general terms and conditions without reserve is supposed.

Acceptance – The user declares that the data provided are correct and permits their verification. Due to the query of information the user expresses his full acceptance without restrictions to each condition of this contract.

Use of the Website – Apart from the costs for internet access, connection fees and costs for licenses of IT programmes necessary to use the website have to be borne in full by the user. The use of the website is free.

Information – Notwithstanding the foregoing, obtaining of information related to the availability and conditions of the contracting of artists, celebrities or services by our agents, either by phone, fax, email or similar means, constitutes a provision of services by Totalísimo.

Rights – The rights of Totalísimo for the provision of services are implicitly defined in an agreement. In case of the absence of such an agreement the minimum payment consists of ten percent of the offer presented to Totalísimo. The minimum payment is due for any information obtained from Totalísimo and the subsequent contracting of the artist, even if the contract is not concluded with Totalísimo. The corresponding amount does not include any fees or taxes which will be added to the sum.

Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Prerogative. All contracts with Totalísimo are subject to Spanish law and jurisdiction of Spanish courts, submitting to the courts of the City of Malaga.

Our present general terms and conditions have been incorporated by the notary public Manuel Rojas García-Creus, notary from Granada, on March 13, 2009, under his protocol, identification number 342/09, and are recorded in the Granada Register of Bienes Muebles, General Terms and Conditions of Contracts, with the following reference:

Denomination: General Terms and Conditions of Distance Contracts
Specified: 2.1 Totalísimo, S.L.
CNAE (National Classification of Economic Activities): 713.
Sheet 1.
No. of deposit 7

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