Singers and Bands

Vamonos de Fiesta

Singer, songwriter and actor with a broad repertoire, rumba, sevillanas, ballads and boleros.

Maridaje Flamenco

Artist who has become the first pianist in the history of Flamenco launch a composite material and performed by herself.

Versatile Singer

An experienced versatile singer in different music genres: pop, rock, jazz, latino, lounge, dance, opera, etc.

Cuban Jazz Music

A concert featuring Cuban music, jazz, flamenco, blues combine lyricism and intertwined creating a concert to the most important composers of Cuban music and jazz.

Singing to the River

Carmela Paez has created an original cocktail with three main ingredients: flamenco, jazz, and the range of Latin American music.

Soul Greatest

Singer with a really great potencial voice that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

Opera Singers

This group combines classical music with popular music. Combine elements of different origin or expression.

Christmas is Jazz

Opting for a show made of professional musicians who have a Christmas repertoire in Soul, Jazz and other styles in black music.

Flamenco Fusion

Ideal to liven up any event, this flamenco fusion group offers a show with tradition and good taste

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